Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Course Descriptions

Chair: Dr. Daphne D. Johnson; (936) 294-3875

Assistant Chair: Dr. James Hynes; (936) 294-3576

Faculty: Lisa Brown, Mae Cox, Jaime Coyne, Casey Creghan, William Edgington, Karla Eidson, Andrea FosterDaphne Johnson, Andrey Koptelov, Victoria Hollas, James Hynes, Kimberly LaPrairie, Robert Maninger, Lautrice Nickson, Jalene Potter, Marilyn Rice, Sam Sullivan, Sylvia Taube, Rebecca Wentworth

Academic Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies  Ms. Cheryl Watts (936) 294-1240
Middle Level Education
Secondary Education   (936) 294-1137
Post Baccalaureate         Dr. Rebecca Wentworth (936) 294-1123

Academic Programs

  • Interdisciplinary Studies * (Elementary and Middle Grades) BS
  • Secondary Education (minor in Secondary Education; major in content teaching field)


  • Prepare elementary, middle, and secondary teachers
  • Field based teacher preparation
  • Research based curriculum
  • Residency Opportunities

Program Specific Requirements

Required Field Experiences

Candidates for any teaching certificate participate in extensive field experiences in the public schools. Requirements for these activities vary by course and are coordinated by the Field Experience office.

Admission to the Educator Preparation Program

Students seeking initial Teacher Certification will apply for admission to the Educator Preparation Program in their first Education class. Subsequent program specific requirements are explained below.

Admission to the Methods Block

Candidates for certification at all levels including, EC-6, 4-8, EC-12, and 8-12 must participate in a one-semester methods block which occurs prior to the student teaching semester. Students must apply to be accepted into the methods block specific to their major. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction determines the eligibility based on criteria, which includes unconditional admission to the Educator Preparation Program, 1000, 2000, 3000 level coursework completed, and dispositions. Students should consult their advisor to determine the process for application and admission.

Admission to Student Teaching

Student teaching is intended to be the culminating experiences in a candidate’s preparation to become a teacher. The candidate should enroll in student teaching the final semester of their preparation program (see for student teaching information). Candidates registered for the companion course(s) and the six hours of student teaching during the student teaching semester are considered to be full-time students. Successful completion of the Teacher Work Sample capstone assessment is required.

Career Opportunities

  • Classroom Teachers


Internships in public schools are permitted only for candidates who already have a baccalaureate degree and are enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification Program. Post-Baccalaureate students may elect to take the undergraduate student teaching as an option when they do not secure the required teaching position which is required for the internship. Undergraduate teaching candidates can only participate in the student teaching block as the capstone of their professional program sequence.

Academic Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies Program

The primary purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program is to prepare candidates to become exemplary teachers in elementary and middle schools. The Interdisciplinary Studies Program* provides the course work necessary for candidates to receive certification for teaching grades EC-6 and 4-8.

Certification Areas

EC-6 Generalist
EC-6 Bilingual Generalist
EC-6 Generalist with EC-12 Special Education
4-8 English-Language Arts-Reading/Social Studies
4-8 Mathematics/Science
4-8 Mathematics

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